All about Verizon’s unlimited plan

Verizon announced that its unlimited plan will return nationwide. And there’s nothing too sneaky about it. This is a real, simple unlimited plan.

Verizon’s revamped unlimited plan, positioned to fight T-Mobile and Sprint’s offerings, costs $80 for one line or $45 per line for families. Unlike its competitors, Big Red won’t lower video streaming to DVD quality. The lowest it’ll go is 720p, which is still considered to be high definition.

Unlimited talk and text exist alongside unlimied data on the plan. Other features for Verizon’s new unlimited plan include free calling/texting to Mexico and Canada, 500MB of high-speed data per day in Mexico and Canada, and 10GB of high-speed data for tethering (which remains unlimited at 3G speeds after).

The prices, though, do require auto-pay enrollment. But that shouldn’t be a problem for most customers.

Maybe the only catch is that anyone who exceeds 22GB of data usage on a line during a single billing cycle could be sent behind other customers on Verizon’s network.

Despite anything Verizon says, the decision is likely a response to T-Mobile’s rise. Both its network and number of subscribers have grown rapidly, with the form now matching Big Red according to some industry experts. Remember it was only in September that Verizon said “people don’t need unlimited plans” while T-Mobile and Sprint started believing otherwise.

The unlimited plan at Verizon was discontinued in 2011, but it’s back in action and everyone is going wild on social media over its return. A branded hashtag, #vzunlimited, is even being pushed on Twitter by the carrier and its loyal customers.

New and existing customers will gain access to Verizon’s unlimited plan on Monday, February 13. When it stays active for a couple of quarters, it’ll be interesting to see Verizon’s quarterly reports and find out the number of people heading towards the carrier for this plan. Many consumers revolted against the carriers a few years ago when they removed unlimited options. Now they’re all returning, so consumers could choose to be a customer of the carrier they truly like out of the bunch.

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