Uninor Free 2g/3g/4g Internet Proxy Tricks


Hello friends, today I will share this trick for uninor users. As we know that we use proxy tricks for access free internet so today i will share a proxy trick for all uninor users. Friends this trick working only some states of India so let test this trick in your state if it will be working then enjoy free unlimited downloading and browsing.

So let started the trick step by step:

Create New Proxy Settings use below Settings

Name : Tricks News
Apn(Access Point Name) : uninor

Proxy : or  65.789.34.09
Port : 8080 or 7080
Home Page : wap.myuninor.in.php.t9space.com or http://tricksnews.com or www.google.com

Save Above Settings and Restart Your Uninor Mobile Phone, and Connect free Uninor Gprs Internet connection in your mobile phones and enjoy.

How To Use Proxy In PC:

Firstly I will show you process for your computer.I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting up proxy trick.

1. Open Options.
2. Click on advance tab and then network tab.
3. Click on Manual Connection setting and add the given proxy and port.
3. Save the setting.

How To Use Proxy In Mobile:

Now I will show you process for your mobile phone.

1.Go to settings option.

2.Then open Network Connection Setting.

3.Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.

4.There you’ll get many input options just do as stated below-

5.Account Name – Free Internet

6.APN (Access Point) – set APN here which is provide in given trick
Proxy – set proxy here which is provide in given trick

7.Port- set port number here which is provide in given trick

example of port- 80

8.Leave all other field as it is means don’t touch any other field.

9.Now save your setting and make it default.

Now open your browser and enter the Home Page (example- http://tricksnews.com) which is provide in given trick.

If you have any problem then ask me in comment box. I will be happy to help you.

Note:- Please keep your balance below Rs.1 otherwise your balance will be reduce.

If any problem please comment.


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