5 Best tower defense games for your android mobile

Today we are going to present 5 of the best tower defense games for Android mobiles. In these games, both new players and the more seasoned of tower defense players will get the most out of their downloads. From apps that allow you to go solo to apps that have you joining guilds and playing against others, there’s something for everyone, young and old.

1.Kingdom Rush

In this fun tower defense game, you’ll be able to play on just about any type of terrain you can think of. In the tundra, within wastelands, grassy pastures, and more. But your tower defense isn’t just up to your towers; no, you can hire elite heroes to help fend off your enemies and protect your own. You’ll even encounter boss fights against the craziest of foes, including a yeti. Defend your kingdom and save the day yet again with Kingdom Rush.

Download it now: Google Play

2.Tower Madness 2

Your maps come to 3D life in Tower Madness 2. With 70 different maps, you’ll be able to take your time conquering the aliens that are trying to take over the planet. There’s plenty of hours of gameplay that make for pretty epic tower defense battles. You’ll be able to complete unique quests, buy special alien weapons from the shopkeeper, and even compete with your friends on the leaderboard.

Download it now: Google Play

3.Little Commander

In this tower defense game set in a cartoonized World War II, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the great features and fun from your standard tower defense games, but without the castles and fantasy/medieval or alien aspect. You can even use cartoon versions of real weapons utilized in the war, and choose from three different game modes for a variety of ways to play, including Normal, Endless, and Single life. Enjoy 6 different turrets, fight against 10 different enemy units, and even call in the special weapons to bomb your enemies into oblivion.

Download it now: Google Play

4.Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower

For the medieval at heart, Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower puts an interesting twist on your typical tower defense games. It’s up to you to keep the towers and castles safe, but will you be able to do it? In Toy Defense: Fantasy Tower, you will strategize and create battle plans, train up your elves and knights, and kill off goblins and dragons with your magic spells and special skills. You’ll even be able to compete in weekly competitions against your fellow players to see who can really defend their kingdom.

Download it now: Google Play

5.Tower Defense: Legends TD

Feeling tired and bored of the typical tower defense games? Look no further than Legends TD. In Legends, you’ll encounter challenges like never before, that will push even the most seasoned of tower defense players. There’s over 40 levels to enjoy while you build up your team and defend your land with fire archers, defeating the Skeleton Mage for good.

Download it now: Google Play

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