Top 10 Apps to share Files from Android to Iphone

android to apple file transfer apps

Today I will tell you about 8 best apps for transfer files from android to iPhone. These apps are very useful and use to share files, images, music, movies, videos. These apps are use to share files by using very high speed.
It is now the end of those days where the people use to carry phone’s USB cable along with them whenever they had to transfer the data. The person who is transferring the data has to first transfer the data to the pc or laptop and then to the other device. Data transfer from an android to an ios device can be done with the help of an app known as a wifi app, this app uses wifi that is available and helps it turn into small hotspot. This way one can send as many as large files as they want to send someone in an easy way. The drawback of these apps is that the sender and receiver both should have the app installed in their device which they are using and that must be in a proper range that might help in data transfer easily. Details regarding some of the apps that help in transferring data is given below.

1. Xender:

Xender is one of the tool that helps to transfer files across android devices. It is a free application by which contacts, pictures, files, music, videos can be send from one android to to another. This can be done by creating a transfer group .When the files are transferred one should be nearer to the user whom the files are being send. This app works only when this application is installed in both devices and person should be close to transfer the files. In xender app inspite of Wifi or bluetooth a NFC protocol is used, which helps to transfer data more than 4 to 40 time quickly than the bluetooth device. It is one of the brilliant tool that helps in transferring files or data.

2. Send Anywhere:

This is another free app which is present on both android and as well as ios platform and this app is used to transfer the files easily and quickly. By using this application one can send large files without any disturbance in between. This app is freely installed and there are no limits in sending the files. Users remain unspecified while transferring the data.

3. Feem:

This app can be installed in both ios and android platforms. It helps to send large files in an easy and quick way by using a wifi network. Another extra feature of this application is that chatting can be done by using even the feem contacts with the ones who are closer and have the same app installed in their phone too. In this app there is no need for any kind of servers to be involved and also having internet and credits is also not must.

4. Share It:

This is an another remarkable app available on both android and ios .When compared to other apps it is the fastest means that helps to share files. In this application when the other users select “receive” on the app then both the devices automatically comes into the range .Like Bluetooth , shareit app can also send huge files having a speed of around 60X and also the app itself can be shared with the other devices without using any wire (which allows rapid sharing instantly without any difficulty.

5. Fast Transfer File:

Fast transfer file is an app that is quite simple and even small in size, inspite of its small size it has an ability to send large files in a short span of time. Similar to other apps it also need wifi hotspot. It works faster than bluetooth devices. An IP address has to be entered in order to have an access to the wifi connection. The app is only available on android.

6. Zapya:

Due to its quality and also the fact that feem has an irritating adds Zapya is used .It is very easy to use by installing on the sender device by simply clicking on the files which have to be send and then click on send icon highlighted. For sending the data this zapya app on sender will create a wifi group. Then the receiver should join the wifi network which is created by sender and then the app can be open.

7. Instant share:

This app can be can be installed in both android and ios devices. This is a very simple app which allows sending and receiving the files from android devices. The basis of instant share is that it has got Apple’s long standing airdrop feature.

8. Shareable:

It has got another good option which is available in the wifi department. It has more benefits than the instashare .This is totally free from restrictions and even advertisements. This app can be downloaded on both android as well as ios.

These apps allow sharing songs,music,videos,apps,games and much more from one platform to other. Most useful thing is that these apps can transfer files at very high speed.

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